Fatima and the Divine Mercy Message

By Barb Ernster

In reading the Diary of St. Faustina, Divine Mercy for My Soul, this passage stands out for those who follow the message of Fatima:

December 16 [1936]. I have offered this day for Russia. I have offered all my sufferings and prayers for that poor country. After Holy Communion, Jesus said to me, I cannot suffer that country any longer. Do not tie My hands, My daughter. (209) I understood that if it had not been for the prayers of souls that are pleasing to God, that whole nation would have already been reduced to nothingness. Oh, how I suffer for that nation which has banished God from its borders! (Notebook II #818)

Already by 1936, Russia could have been annihilated except for the “prayers of souls that are pleasing to God.” One is drawn immediately to the faithful souls who carried out the requests of Our Lady of Fatima, including those three little shepherds who offered everything as a sacrifice for sinners.

From 1929 when Our Lady asked for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart, Sr. Lucia had been requesting it in letters to her spiritual director. Throughout the 1930s during the pontificate of Pius XI, Sister Lucia wrote about the frequent requests from Our Lord and Our Lady for the consecration, and their disappointment that it had not been done. On May 18, 1936, she wrote: About the other question whether it would be good to insist in order to obtain the consecration of Russia, I answer in almost the same way as I answered at other times. I am sorry that it has not already been done. However, it is the same God who requested it, who has permitted this.

This same God was at the same time revealing the depths of His Divine Mercy to Sister Maria Faustina Kowalska in Cracow, Poland, a nation greatly threatened by the spread of atheism. How beautiful that these two devotions—to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and The Divine Mercy—overlap during one of the most critical times in world history, World War II and the horrible evils of Communist Russia and Nazi Germany. Divine Mercy reigns. A nation is NOT reduced to nothingness. Other nations survive the overwhelming evils of the day. The prayers of faithful souls stay the hand of God.

The Fatima devotion overlaps so beautifully with the Divine Mercy message. Heaven reminds that we can, indeed, change the world. Our prayers, our sacrifices, our faithful devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus bring down God’s Mercy upon the world—and very specifically on whole nations—and are the cause of the salvation of souls. We should never doubt that Our Lord and Our Lady are very active in the world and in our lives. Resolve today to live more faithfully the Fatima message and the Divine Mercy, in your heart, in your actions and in your daily witness.

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